Puerto Rico Film Industry Incentives Act 27

Few sectors have taken more advantage of Puerto Rico’s Business Star Proposition like the film industry. Offering some of the best incentives of their kind in the world, the All-Star Island is booming as a filming destination.

Our amazing locations, state-of-the-art equipment, post-production and sound recording facilities, along with one of the highest tax credit programs in the world, allow you to produce your film in Puerto Rico from start to finish. Act No. 27 of 2011, subsequently amended in 2012, known as the Puerto Rico Film Industry Economic Incentives Act.

Incentives Overview

  • 40% production tax credit on all payments to Puerto Rico resident companies and individuals
  • 20% production tax credit on all payments to nonresident “Above-the-Line”, including producers, directors, writers and talent
  • 25% infrastructure tax credit on development or expansion costs of studios, laboratories, post-production, animation and special effects facilities, transmission facilities and related infrastructure

Preferential tax treatment for companies or individuals engaged in qualifying film and infrastructure projects or operators of studios and other purpose-built media facilities. All tax credits are transferrable and can be used to offset income tax liability in Puerto Rico or brokered on the open market.


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