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Determining the appropriate asking price for your home is vital for a successful sale. To help you decide the right selling price we will provide an in-depth search of competitive properties recently sold and currently for sale in your localized market. If you prefer a more detailed evaluation, we are happy to review your property with you personally.

When you provide us with the required information below, we will contact you immediately. Your information will not be shared with anyone and no commitment is necessary. The more details you provide us with, the more precise your home evaluation will be. Please tell us when you are planning to move, and whether it will be locally or a relocation out of the Puerto Rico region.



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Puerto Rico Realtors Directory

Search Puerto Rico Realtors Directory Find Your Home in Puerto Rico.  Our listings are brought to you by Puerto Rico Real Estate. Communities in Puerto Rico From Old San Juan to pristine beaches in the west, or lush forests and mountains, you can find the right resort living in Puerto Rico.


There are many reasons to search Puerto Rico realtors directory when you want to sell a home or apartment in Puerto Rico. For some, a relative such as your mom or dad / a grandfather or grandmother passed away and now the property is empty, and you need to sell the property in Puerto Rico. For others, following Hurricane Maria many had to leave the island for work. Many left and have been trying to rent their homes or sell their homes in Puerto Rico for a long time.


What is the best way to sell a property?


The best way to sell a property is with our Real Estate team helps people sell their properties in Puerto Rico, by representing them in the entire process. For the best service from a Puerto Rico Realtor, contact Puerto Rico Real Estate we would love to share our knowledge on how to sell a property in Puerto Rico. Remember that if you are looking to sell your home, Puerto Rico Real Estate help clients with our realtor in Puerto Rico, to handle the whole process from finding a home in Puerto Rico, to reviewing purchase contracts, closing and the local knowledge on the island.


How to Sell a House in Puerto Rico?


Many people call us trying to understand how to sell a house in Puerto Rico. The real estate market in Puerto Rico is quite different from other states. Puerto Rico does not use quit claim deeds, title agencies, and title insurance are rarely used, and they work differently than in other states. Then it is important that your attorney continues the process to register the transaction with the Registry of Property in Puerto Rico. Unlike other places in the United States, Puerto Rico's Registry of Property operates very much like an administrative court. The Registry decides which transactions can be accepted and which are rejected.


Selling a Home in Puerto Rico After Probate: A lot of people call us looking to sell a house or apartment in Puerto Rico, because their mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother or sister past away in Puerto Rico and they left the property to them as an inheritance. If you want to know how do you transfer property in Puerto Rico? The first step in a lot of these cases is to review whether you need to go to probate (process of going to court to recognize who is an heir and receives the property and how to distribute the estate). Unless there is a Will drafted in Puerto Rico or a foreign Will that meets the Puerto Rico Probate requirements, many times we need to file for a declaration of heirs / “Declaratoria de Herederos”, to have a court declare who the rightful heirs are in an estate. After probate is done, the property needs to be put in the heir’s names. This is done by working with the Registry of Property on the Island. Property ownership in Puerto Rico are accepted or rejected by the Registry. After a loved one's death in Puerto Rico, a lot of people are looking for ways to sell a house or apartment in the island, because their mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, or sister passed away and left the property to them as an inheritance. In many of these cases, your first step is to determine whether you need to go through probate (the process of identifying who is an heir and receiving the property and how the estate is to be distributed). Many times, unless a Puerto Rican Will has been drafted or a foreign Will meets the Probate requirements in Puerto Rico, we need to file for a declaration of heirs / "Declaratoria de Herederos" so that the rightful heirs in an estate can be determined. Once probate has been completed, the property needs to be transferred to the heirs. The Registry of Property on the island handles this task. Registry of Property is an agency that determines who can be placed on the title of a property. The property can be sold by unanimity once the names of all the heirs appear on the title. An heir, or interested party, can ask the court to divide an inheritance if all the heirs are not in agreement. Then, you can proceed with selecting a realtor, establishing a value, listing the property, reviewing the purchase and sale agreement, negotiating terms and conditions, etc.


When it comes to buying a home or apartment in Puerto Rico, people looking to take full advantage of a favorable buyers' market will find that there are many great opportunities and great bargains to be had. Puerto Rico is a hot market for buyers, as we have reported. The island offers an amazing selection of properties for sale, including beachfront homes, modern apartments, spacious family homes and investment properties. In many cases, homes are being sold as short sales or at a lower price than the original purchase price. Buying a home in Puerto Rico can be somewhat challenging because of the different real estate laws on the island. Having a Puerto Rico Realtor will allow you to navigate the regulations and requirements with greater ease and allow you to move into your island home faster. It is very important for people who have estate plans in their home states and then buy property in Puerto Rico to ensure their estate plans and/or wills are valid on the island. There is a forced heir provision in Puerto Rico that asks that children be named in a will; this may conflict with many people's estate plans in the United States, where people usually want their spouse to receive their estate automatically, or that their estate is distributed to a trust.


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